Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Laziness and the lack of topic to write about prevented me from updating my young blog. I have accomplished quite something so far in my over a week-old sembreak. I have a lot of catching up to do on my reading. Unread books are starting to pile-up on my bookshelf and cabinet.

I went to LB last Monday to fix something in PNB and get my classcards at the same time. Grades this sem are fine, but two sems ago is still much better. I went to Ayala Foundation Inc. yesterday to get a copy of an article I wrote for them last summer vacation, though I can’t remember if that’s still the one I wrote since they already edited it heavily. The article was published in the Kababayan Edition,a magazine with US circulation several months ago.

I’m waiting a word from this person who’s starting up a new “techno-lifestyle” magazine. I hope he’ll consider my proposal for their mag. It’s just volunteer writing for starters, but I’m after the experience and the exposure from them.

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