Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Funniest Political Joke: A Nuisance Candidate

I heard in the primetime news that Fernando Poe Jr., a.k.a. FPJ, Da King, Panday of the local movies confirmed what most of us are fearing for, drum roll please? or maybe the Psycho sound effect is more apt? He's running for president. I'm not surprised at all since this has been the talk of the town even in the past months.

With the persistent courting and nudging of the opposition to make him as their official flag-bearer, FPJ finally said yes. (No) thanks to Tito Sotto who did a good job in convincing him to run for the highest post in the land.

I don?t intend to consume too much of cyberspace for you, Mr. FPJ, as I share the general sentiments of those people who already had enough of actor-politicians.

You and I know you?re not supposed to be there. Better yet, listen to your lovely wife's advice. Just stick to your craft where you truly belong.

Have mercy on us.

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