Friday, September 15, 2006

Another entry a couple of years back...

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sabado Night

I’m getting the hang of navigating around, my blog host. Yet I’m stumped why every time I edit an entry (my first entry), an “undeletable” wide gap comes up once I re-publish it, separating the first line of the first paragraph from the title. Beats me! I just deleted and posted again the entry. Also, the time of my first post is inaccurate. I involuntarily expel dribbles of drivel around that time.


My first attempt at blogging was during the last quarter of last year. I sifted through some of my posts, and I should say I actually find some of them funny and some a bit sensible. I’ll be recycling some of them in my successive posts.

My second attempt couldn’t have been any more timely. It was at the turn of the new year, a time when all diaries and journals turn a new a leaf so-to-speak, a time to make resolutions like banishing procrastination and laziness. But I am only human. I got so preoccupied with school work; I was filled with anticipation to go to Baguio for our practicum, and forgot all about my blog. Promises are meant to be broken, and excuses are meant to fill them in.


A friend called asking me out for a Saturday gimmick tonight. After all, it’s Sabado Night (How’s Ina Raymundo doing?). I bluntly told him I cannot afford to go out tonight (and most likely for the nights to come until I get a job!). But what are friends for? I was "tasked" to invite our other friends, and with a few sent text messages here and there, things were properly “arranged” in no time. Sagot ko ang kwento! Kampai! (Kapal muks!)

And just before I post this entry, I received a text from the same friend, asking me to attend anticipated Mass tonight. Of all the things that we could do after attending Mass... (Kapal muks talaga! Father, forgive me, for I am about to sin.)

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