Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hooked on TAR

Maybe not yet. Or maybe I'm in denial. Not the on the first time I got a taste of the substance, but something in me longs for the next sessions to come, which is next week, or maybe even sooner if I find some other yet undetected source of the addictive concoction.

Two couples came down in TAR in one night, and it came as surprise. I thought it just happened one at a time.

Watching reality TV shows (and any other regular show for that matter) has never really appealed to me, as it somehow puts a scrimp on my schedule. Sitting in front of the TV on a specific time and day of the week for the next three or so months just doesn't seem quite right. What if I find myself in the Valley of the Kings when my favorite show is on? Staying in front of the boob-tube for more than 30 minutes also poses a challenge to my yet undiagnosed ADD. Some local shows are just too mind-numbing for me- Bakekang, Super Inggo, and Majika. What an insurmountable roadblock.

I realized getting stuck in an unconnected part of the globe is a very far-fetched idea, and concluded my life will be as routinary as a pendulum bob in the months to come, unless I get exiled for being a "late-bloomer." When I spotted The Amazing Race 10 on TV last night, I told myself that I'll give TV-watching a chance.

With the sites, sounds, and racing drama of TAR, what more could I ask? For now, I'm rooting for the cheerleaders and the beauty queen tandems. ;-)

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Sonja said...

LOL, I've never watched an episode of any of the seasons yet, but after learning that it really is more appealing than it has seemed to me, maybe I'll see what the hype is all about! ;o)