Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jazz on tracks

My ears where playing games on me, or so I thought. It was the speakers playing music on my ears, albeit a faint one, when I took the MRT last Sunday. All I heard were traces of sustained saxophone tunes and drum beats, but those were enough to conclude that our dear MRT is now playing music on board. This might entail additional cost to the bills of the train, but it's good the management decided to take in advertisements to fund its operation. And very much like your favorite FM radio station it also plays its own station ID and, uh, music.

Jazz fusion rhythms were blasting on the speakers yesterday on my way home. I could imagine the driver with a checkered jazz cap on, manning the train while bobbing his head with every beat, and pausing only to announce the arrival at the next stop.


TAR Update

Cheerleaders Kellie and Jamie were eliminated at the Mongolia leg of the race, with Kellie even failing to accomplish the roadblock where the contestants had to light a torch several meters away using a flaming arrow.

I just realized while watching that absolutely ANYTHING could happen in the race, and I mean not only the finishes, but also busted tires, stalling engines, and even taxi drivers who should know their turf better.

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