Wednesday, October 25, 2006


With the company of three of my colleagues, I watched World Trade Center last Monday night. It was the perfect time to watch a movie since the tickets are cheaper at the Shangri-La Plaza on Monday (and Tuesday) nights, and I have no problem staying up later than usual because the following day was a holiday (Eid'l Fitr).

Nicolas Cage's performance was laudable, and he's quite convincing to portray the character of a police seargent who led the group of police officers to evacuate people in the twin towers before it crumbled. But there seems to be something lacking in the movie which I can't pin down at the moment. Only five years has passed after the terroristic attacks, and yet the movie failed to relive the gripping terror of the not-so past. Maybe the director felt it has gone down "history" right after it happened.

Most of the viewers looked weary and stressed after watching the movie. Who wouldn't be when you see a couple of men hanging on to their dear life under a pile of rubble at least 20% of the time of the film!

While watching the movie, I was trying to recall where I was and what was I doing during the night (here in the Philippines) of the attack. I must have been diligently studying for an exam. I just got wind of the news the following day from a classmate in the usual chatting session before a class starts, and couldn't believe what I have heard. The loose information were validated when I reached the receiving area of my dorm where my dormmates where glued on TV watching a plane plow through a towering building, and then the scene happened again like a replay of the first one, but you could tell it's actually another plane crashing into another building.

Several terror attacks around the globe has happened after 9/11: in London, Bali, and even here in Manila. I wonder what kind of satisfaction terrorists quench from sowing terror. Is it a form of protest? A revenge? Or is it caused by plain differences in beliefs that has gone personal and awry? Maybe Dubya has the answer.


TAR Update

I wasn't able to catch The Amazing Race because I decided to watch World Trade Center. When I checked Wikipedia for updates, I found out Sarah and Peter arrived at their last Pit Stop in the India-Kuwait leg of the race. This was a team which showed perseverance and courage, despite Sarah's literal handicap of a prosthetic leg.

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