Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hanging by a moment

I don' t know if I'm the only person who does this, but I do celebrate, or at least remember my anniversary in the workplace. It signals my independence, the outcome of my education, and stagnance in the workforce, if you like. And yesterday, I marked my second anniversary at NEDA. There was no party, re-investiture, or any sort of fanfare that happened since I am spending the last week of the year off from work (ableit sick since the other day). Ah, this is the life!

I remember my former chief gathering us for our first division meeting to brief us on our focal assignments, and told me, as the only newbie in our division then, that it takes about two years before one gets a good grasp of the sector. It's about the same time a "new" technical staff should be able to represent the agency in meetings with a sense of authority of what he or she does. This makes me assess what I've learned so far from day one, everything from preparing workshops kits to evaluating policies and projects. Answering the question whether I've proved my worth in the past two years and lived up to her expectations though might hasten my demotion. :D

So far so good, really. Though there have been occasions when I felt like leaving for another job or career altogether, reality bites after a while and gnaws at my demented way of thinking. Or maybe the workload drowns me to the point of resuscitating me back to my cubed cubbyhole.

Opportunities abound in the future, and especially so with the unfolding of another year. For the mean time, I'm hangin' by the moment.

Happy 2nd Anniversary to me!

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