Monday, December 18, 2006

Oarhouse is our house

bIn less than a week, an EB cum crash course on photojournalism (PJ) was held at the Oarhouse at Mabini in Malate, Manila last 14 December 2006. This was born out of my suggestion for PJ enthusiasts in the DPP forum to meet Gil "Tata Gil" Nartea, one of the country's prime PJournalist. Tammy, a member of the forum, after a flurry of emails with the concerned people and a few posts in the forum, arranged for us the gathering.

This idea popped up when I asked Tata Gil through SMS some weeks ago whether he conducts workshops on the subject, and he said no, though he suggested instead that we meet at this photographers'/artists' watering hole where he can give a lecture for free, and where he coincidentally has an exhibit about children caught in the conflict in Mindanao.

Three seasoned photojournalists (including Ben Razon, Joe Galvez, and a bunch others) joined us in that night of lecture on the art and praxis of photojournalism over beer, roasted nuts and pork shnitzel (don't you forget to order this if you happen to drop by. Yum yum!). We went dutch that night and after downing three bottles of SMB Light and when the bill came, my Php100 still had some change which I left as tip. I think I can get used to this place.

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