Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Nete: This is an entry I wrote for a blog I started, the second one, exactly three years ago. I'm including some reactions here and there as updates.

The title above may be the titles of several other hundred blogs today. I can't blame myself for not being so creative, I can't put it any better, besides it's the first day of 2004. Happy New Year!

This is another attempt to keep an online journal. This is already my second, and hopefully last try to maintain one. I had doubts of setting up another one after reading some expriences of other people whose (not-so private) lives and (self-declared excellent) works were advertently 'de-privatized' and plagiarized by the cutters-and-pasters. But to anyone who wishes to copy, paste, and use, or do anything illegal to my typewritten ramblings (they're just that, you see), do so at your own risk. Besides, this blog won't contain any of my literary masterpieces, so-called by myself.

And to start the year right, here's a list of my New Year's resolution, which I hope will I can be honest and loyal with, even for just a week. I don't really put into writing my resolutions for the year, though I've resolved (count that in!) to put into writing anything I can. Mentally noted resolutions gives me an excuse once I've broken my vow (is that you Josh Groban?) that "Hey, I didn't put that into writing, that's not included in my list! Therefore, I didn't break any resolution." But things change.

Here goes:
1. Get enough sleep. Also known as "sleep early." With the way things are going (or not going, in terms of my school work), let me quote a friend who once used the line "sleep is fast-becoming a luxury." If that is so, then maybe I was luxurious person then, when I can still afford to take power-nap in between breaks. Honestly, I feel cranky when I only get 5 hours of sleep or less.

Let me say I've been successful in this resolution. On regular days, I try my best to hit the sack as early as 9 p.m. so I can be up by 5 a.m. the next day, and begin the daily grind. Some say my sleeping habits are like that of a baby, but hey, that's what works for me.

2. Get fit. This does not translate to pumping iron or tae bo. Just a little stretching and flexing of muscles here and there will do. Texting and typing at high-speed doesn't count. Crunches and push ups will do.

Next number please.

3. Eat a balanced diet. See relation to #2.

See #2 also.

4. Live a healthy lifestyle, including its all other forms. It seems #1-3 fall under this category. Avoid alcohol, smoking areas, etc.

5. Have a positive outlook in life. It's not that I have negative one. But hey, I tell you, life doesn't suck. LIFE is generally GOOD, according to the experiences of yours truly.

This resolution still holds true, meaning it should not be a resolution for a year, but for the rest of our lives.

6. Read, read, and read!

Does reading project proposals and office memo count?

7. Write, write, and write!

I'm trying!

8. Don't procastrinate. I don't feel proud if I were able to pass an exam as a result of cramming. There's time for everything.

Next number please.

9. Affect others' lives in a positive way. Woah! That's kinda heavy. No, it isn't. We can do it in our own little ways.

Thanks for the reminder!

10. Et. al. There's just to many of them to write down.

I'm about to break my first resolution.

Once again, MANIGONG BAGONG TAON! HAPPY NEW YEAR! FELIZ ANIO NUEVO! (did I spell that right?)

Also, I'll try to write more substantive entries. The net is already full of junk. I don't want to add any more of it.

It's already January 2. G'night!

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