Thursday, January 25, 2007

No news is good news

The past days have been been pretty much the same as the previous ones- more work and less play. I should learn from my friend who told me ones- work hard, but play even harder!

My past few nights would usually wound down by watching live or rerunds of Australian Open 2007 matches. I just read in the official website that Rafael Nadal, no. 2 in the world, was just east out of the tourney by Gonzales.

Wie get's?

We tackled proper pronunciaton in our past German session, Langer Vokal and Kurser Vokal. I'd like to believe that the bulk of the effort in learning a new language is in memorizing the words themselves, all the more made difficult with the accompanying gender of nouns, where a der Tür (door) is male, die Tisch (table) is female, and das Fenster (window) is neuter. What gives? Aber I'm not about to bid the Kurs auf Wiedersehen! Now, that's horrible.

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