Friday, July 13, 2007

Broken Wand

The magic was shortlived after my bag was robbed off me last Saturday. It was a very traumatic experience to have a gun pointed at me while I stripped off my and handed my valuables to the thief. Mu utility bag contained my two cellphones, one of which was just a week and a day old. Also collected from me was an Ipod Shuffle, my wallet containing Php 1,500, and some cards and an ID.

I was calm all along, but turned pale when the thief asked for the Ipod even if he already handed it to him, and thought I only gave him the earphones. Perhaps he was expecting those ubiquitous Nanos and Videos.

When I visited the customer service of my cellphone network provider to have my old line deactivated and renewed, the customer service rep was even able to trace tho phone numbers to which my phone was used to call/text.

It was a harrowing moment which still haunt me from time to time, but I'm just glad to be unharmed and able to share with you this experience. Although somehow, this made me want to leave the country all the more as I count the waning days for my departure to Germany.

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