Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blogged in a blog

Some of my writings in this blog are currently featured in the Young Germany website. Check it out at . I think it's the "official website" of the youth in Germany.

For a direct link to the blog entry, click here.

Thanks for looking!


Gaby said...


How nice your blog is featured in a german website :).

I think you've got a pretty nice writing, so I will keep coming back.

Looking forward to hear the from your trip tomorrow!


Oscarcio said...

Hi Andrew,

I hope u remember me, hahahahaha! Firstable I`d like to congratulate u for your marvellous blog and your good English skills! It looks ur blog is becomming really popular! I hope enjoy ur time in Freiburg and learn ggod German! My blog is:



Oscarcio said...

How can I do to upload a pic in my profile? I have some pics in Picassa!



jadz said...

Hi Oscar,

Muchas gracias for your feedback. I hoffe auch, dass ich lerne gut deutsch!

You should be able to put a pic by editing your profile somewhere. I'm sorry that I can't give you a point by point instructions because the default language in blogspot is auf deutsch!