Monday, September 03, 2007

It's a gray day today

The weather gods must have reserved the dreariness of the weather for today to come up with a perfect one yesterday. The day started out with some rays of the sun trickling in between the threatening heavy clouds. It just refused to shine afterwards, and Freiburgers were left with a nippy weather the rest of the morning.

As I was on the tram going home from doing some errands in the Altstadt, it started to rain. Since I forgot to bring any kind of raingear, I had to jog for most of the stretch from the tram station to my place which is a good 250 meters or so. This brings me to my observation on most Freiburgers or perhaps Germans in general, who don't bother about the drizzle or even light to moderate downpour. You can see them still walking non-chalantly as if the sun is out and the weather is dry, while I, like most Pinoys, would pluck out my umbrella or run for cover and just refuse to get wet.


After my much-missed siesta and online conference with my mom and cousin, I took the tram around 6 p.m. on my way to a supermarket in Littenweiler which is on the east of Freiburg. I was surprised to find myself squeezing in a tram heaving with people which brought back memories of my MRT-commuting back in Manila. I thought that maybe this is the typical rush hour in the city when it rains, which might happen more often now as the start of the semester is fast approaching, and students start to trickle in the city. In hindsight, I also observed that there was moderate traffic in that intersection near the tram station, where it is usually light and the VWs, BMWs, and MBs would just speed by.

Despite the literal and aerial stuffiness inside the tram and the overcast weather, the mood in the Strassenbahn was generally light, even festive to some extent. Many of the passengers had a scarf coiled on their neck, with a general motiff of red, black, and some white and yellow. I read the words "SC Freiburg" on one of them, and was able to put things together as I got off my stop, which was also were most of the passengers took off. The tram was almost empty as it headed to its last destination. Heavy traffic, Littenweiler, and police visibility spells... football!

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