Saturday, September 01, 2007


(Pic taken from my room before writing this post. The vertical specks on the mountain are wind turbines.)

My landlord disturbed me as I slowly sunk into siesta this afternoon. It was a bummer at first, since I haven't had a decent siesta since I arrived here in Freiburg, and was dead tired after making another trip to IKEA, Saturn, and Butler to buy some kitchen ware early this afternoon. The magic words "internet" though jolted me back into reality, and told him it was really no problem, that I was just about to sleep, and he's very welcome to install the internet in my room. That's why you are able to read this post.

It took me about a month to get a stable internet connection. My dorm back in Littenweiler has no internet connection ready for the students, although I was able to find some stray yet secured wifi signals around. Although the Sprachlehrinstitut gave us participants internet accounts, it's use is limited by the office hours of the Bibliothek and the computer room which almost always is heaving with people who need to get connected. I also "borrowed" the VPN account of the other Pinoy one year ahead of me in the programme, which I can use in the faculty where it is less harrying and crowded. My other alternative is Aspekt Cafe in the city center. But having your own connection in is more like it: no crowd, no closing time, no nosy guy seated beside me. And as I end this entry, I got another knock from my landlord...

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