Monday, December 17, 2007

Students' Organized Event

As part of our graduate program, our class is required to organize an event that tackles pressing environmental and other relevant issues that are of interest to us. I would like to believe our class doesn't have a problem in self-organization, mainly due to the fact that we have been able to sit together not only to discuss academic affairs and extra-curricular meetings not only to discuss organizational and administrative issues, but also in conceptualizing and executing parties of different themes, way up from a hair party down to a socks party.

We gathered again this afternoon to do one of the things we do best. We held our first meeting a la World Cafe style for our organized event on 2009, afterwhich we celebrated our group's Christmas party. We work hard, and we party even harder.



Show and tell

The Worldly Cafe (I don't think those green bottles contain coffee...)

Can I have a sip of your wine?

Drunk from... is that juice?

Tempei's enlightement

I beg you, please listen to me...

Just like in kindergarten


Look at my teeth... I mean gift.

Ingredients of a three-course dinner

Yan: Nice green box!
Samira: Nice red wine!
Latika: Nice blue ribbon!

The Circle


Perfect match with my indigo sari!

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