Friday, January 25, 2008


I used to consider those Star Wars or iPhone fanatics absurd, those types who would camp out of a theater to be one of the first to see Princess Leia (what for? She doesn't age!), or wait long in line at the footsteps of Mac mecca. Count me in as one of them, but somewhat of a milder kind.

The ASUS EEE PC, what I regard as the ultimate portable blogging device, officially arrived yesterday here in Germany after two months of long wait. Some fans (groupies?) have built up in cyberspace through forums and have been enjoying the mini wonder for months now, while some units only started to trickle in Germany a few days before its official release. I had to wait in vain and torture myself with countless Youtube videos and reviews to get a virtual feel of the notebook.

Two days ago I called some computer shops in the city to inquire of its availability. I was too late to snag one because all the units have been reserved, said one of the clerk in a bg computer shop downtown. I called another shop, and the guy informed me that they don't accept pre-orders. This was my chance.

Instead of spending the afternoon to review for an exam, armed with a paperback and some reivew handouts, I trooped to Saturn, a popular electronics shop in Germany (heck, maybe in whole Europe!). I arrived at 4:10 pm, 50 minutes before the time of judgement. I saw a couple of guys already hanging around and chatting near the cashier of the computer department. I stationed myself near them, and started to read The Catcher in the Rye. Another guy arrived a little later, and asked if they were waiting for the EEE PC. With their reply, I confirmed I was in the right group. The conversation exuded the anxiety of the long wait. Four more guys arrived within the last quarter of the hour.

There was no shouting or any form of jubilation as the EEE PC was rolled out in front of us. Just restrained delight and a sighs of relief. There were six units available, all in white. I am buyer number three. Two folks have to wait until Monday for their prize. I learned the first two who arrived came all the way from Offenburg, an hour's train ride from Freiburg. I actually thought of going there where there would probably be less „competition.“ One of them said there's no major shop to get one of these toys.

I admit I am no techie, but I agree it's one of the cutest things that ever happened to portable computing.


Alex said...

I had ordered one on Amazon with a delivery date of mid March.
So last Last Thursday on release day 1 in Germany, I go into Saturn on the off chance I might get lucky...and I bagged myself the last one!
Damn I love my little EEEPC :-) And the wireless works a treat throughout town!
Danger of becoming even more of an internet junkie = v. high

jadz said...

I hear you! Unfortunately I'm having trouble browsing websites thru the uni WLAN on a Linux-compatible VPN. I'm set to meet the IT guy in our uni for the third time!