Saturday, February 16, 2008

Semester break

The final week before the semester ended almost throttled the energy out of me due to a report I had to write for class. I almost turned Italian from subsisting on quick fixes of pasta and ready-made pizza. I felt sorry for myself spending a full week writing, and worse, celebrating Valentine's Day with my beloved laptop. But it's all over and done.

Jelly (the other Filipino ahead of me in my programme) and I organized a Filipino Night in our faculty's cafe last night. It marked the end of the semester aptly by relaxing... seeing a movie. To feed the exhausted and hungry souls, we served fried potato chips, adobo, Boy Bawang (corn crackers) and Sky Flakes- a Filipino brand of soda crackers that I only used to take with tea when I was sick. That brought me in the pink of my health.

Later on, some of our class headed to Martin's Brau, a beer brewery, for several rounds of freshly brewed beer. Beer never tasted any better. It is our first official day off, and a few more beer bottles will be emptied in a few hours.

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