Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pillow fest

I received an email from my class e-group, informing us of a grand pillow fight in Augustinerplatz. The Augustinerplatz is mostly popular with the younger set. This is where they congregate, especially during cool late afternoons until the early mornings to just chill-out, made more enjoyable with a bottle of beer on one hand and some wurst or chips on the other. Acoustic music will most likely be provided by one group or two a few meters away which brings along a guitar.

With nothing to do last weekend (as it is now!), I went to the city center and spent most of the time in the vicinity of the M√ľnster to shoot some photos. I went back to my dorm after about an hour, and really had no concrete plans of going to the pillow fight. In fact, I thought it was a joke when I read the email. I ended up going nevertheless, but not to participate- I can't afford to lose my one and only pillow. Instead I just brought my camera with me document this occasion, probably a way of welcoming the spring.

I arrived a little late and caught the tail end of the event. The air was thick with feathers and pillow stuffing as I walked to the venue of the fight. It was an asthmatic person's worst nightmare. I almost felt the dust going through my nostrils, and settle into my lungs. The cobblestoned square was flooded with white pillow stuffing and feathers. Some were still slugging it out. Those pillows which survived the battle, at one point, were thrown into the air like graduation hats flipped by graduates after a commencement ceremony.

A reporter (in white) about to get a first hand experience of his story!

I spotted some of my classmates who also came to watch the festivity. We decided to go to a bar afterwards. I still don't know the story behind the massive pillow fighting. Perhaps the organizers just lacked some sleep and thought of making better use of their inutile bed companion. When I got back to my dorm, it was already dark. I was ready to resign to the comforts of my pillow.

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