Friday, June 20, 2008

Thing tank

An octagonal wooden platform spreads like a miniature medieval Colosseum in our faculty yard. No one exactly knows for sure the purpose of its existence, nor even its name.To my knowledge, or as far as my hoch deutsch (high German) let me understand a magazine I once picked up, it is an installation art that is a part of the Mensch und Natur (Man and Nature) art exhibit in my faculty. It has become students' unofficial congregation area for pseudo-academic pursuits done mostly with one hand holding a book while smoking and now, sunbathing.

We made good use of it yesterday. The sun was smiling down at us, and with the suggestion of our lecturer, we settled on one corner of the wooden structure. He left a note in the room for those who came in late: We (MEG) are at the Thing-Platz (Thing plaza). I think he just gave it a name.

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