Saturday, July 05, 2008

Dipping in the Dreisam

After our class the other day, we planned to spend the afternoon in a pool to counter the sweltering heat. Our original plan didn't push through, though. We ended up somewhere more interesting. Peeking behind the bars of the public pool like peeping toms, my classmates and I eschewed the idea of swimming no more than a few strokes in the packed pool in the east of Freiburg. We headed to the more inviting Dreisam river instead just a few meters away.

We spread our towels on a spot nearby the spot where a couple of kids were adding some more rocks to the dam that has created a shallow pool. It took some courage to carefully step on the slippery stones and take a plunge into the cold water. The cascading water that formed little rapids gave us a natural hydro-massage. We couldn't swim either because of the shallow waters, but this wasn't the point now. Cooling off was more like it. Once we got tired of wading and splashing water on each other, we lied down on our makeshift beds on the grass and soaked in the sunshine. Free and fresh fun in Freiburg.

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