Thursday, July 17, 2008

Message in the bottle

The tram hummed steadily as it brought us to the next stop earlier today. I was staring through the glass window, and although transparent, the window limited my line of vision. I was mesmerized by the rain droplets clinging on the wide see-through panel. My trance was interrupted by a guy cycling through the rain, one hand steering the handlebar and the other holding an umbrella.

There were still seats available for my taking, but like always, I stood on one of the corners reserved for trollies and strollers. On the next stop, more passengers got in, and I simply shuffled my feet to give the illusion of making more space for the wet commuters. And then I saw the sign. The unmistakable two 'G's- one right side up and one upside down- imprinted on her bag. "God-sent, Go for it" is how I read the subtle message behind the symbols. I looked at the toter of the elitist signature bag, and she could have been its endorser. Her round eyes were adorned with eyelashes that extended and must have touched her eyelids. Her hair was bound on a pony-tail revealing her face and soft features that conveyed a porcelain-like fragility. She glowed, so much so I almost forgot the dullness of the rainy day.

"Hallo, kann ich mich vorstellen?" (Hello, can I introduce myself?), I said loudly in my mind, she must have probably heard it. She was all I needed as motivation to improve my hoch deutsch.

My dream (her nightmare?) had to abruptly end as I have to transfer to another tram on my way to the uni. I took one last look at her and her bag. Peeking out from it was a water bottle. The temptation was too strong. I almost lost against the battle of picking the bottle out of her bag, knowing drinking from it would be the closest form of intimacy with her that I could get.

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