Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finding a student job in Freiburg

Balancing one's finances is one of the tougher parts of being a student. In my case though, there was no way to land here in Germany without getting a DAAD scholarship. For some, they simply brave it out into the world, and taking with them some of their savings to finance their studies.

But what should you do when the once fat bank account seems to start thinning out? Get a job! Waiting for tables and baby-sitting seem to be the first few options. Sounds easy to you and me. What if it's in Germany, where considerable German proficiency is needed to snag even an odd job? Have you got a choice, much less a chance with ein bisschen deutsch? Let's here the answer from my Aussie classmate Michelle who initially self-financed her studies, and eventually got a DAAD scholarship.

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