Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hiking to Schoenberg

I am taking another shot at video-editing after my first attempt with and reviewing jumpcut. This one is about my class's excursion to Schoenberg the other day. I wanted to include some photos but had major trouble doing so. First facebook wouldn't accept the photos I wanted to upload and plan to import to jumpcut. When I successfully uploaded some of the photos to facebook, jumpcut would pretend to recognize the 'importation' but it won't show up in my 'photos' section. I tried flickr, no luck. I directly uploaded it to jumpcut itself and yielded the same disappointing result. The photos finally showed up when I was finishing the whole project!

I skipped lunch to do this video including adding the photos. I used my ancient Dell laptop for the uploads (the other day) and today's editing. I did about five takes with the voice-recording thru my Asus EEE PC. To synchronize the voice-over with the clip, I played the video on my Dell while recording in the Asus. All in all I put in at least six hours of work to do a two-minute "movie"!

Comments are very much appreciated! Enjoy the movie!


Omar Acosta said...

Nice stuff, keep doing this and improve the camera focus, maybe also the perspective, you catched the moment!

jadz said...

Hi Omar,

Thanks. I think I need a new camera and a laptop! :D