Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Photo opp

I should have shared this two months ago. This is one proof of my rubbing shoulders with the big-wigs of environmental politics. I hosted the opening ceremony of the Go4BioDiv International Youth Summit, wherein Dr. Djoghlaf, the Executive Secretary himself of the UN Convention on Biodiversity, gave an keynote speech. I had to make a lot of ad-libs in between while waiting for other VIPs to arrive. I read my 'photo-finished' script through my laptop you can see in the photo. There were lots of behind the scene action and I hope I can find the time to write about them.

Here I am donning the traditional Filipino 'suit' called Barong Tagalog. Proud to be Pinoy! My partner, Birgit, on the other hand, is wearing a traditional German dress. Why does she look so happy to be my co-host?

Thanks to Letty Esquer for sharing the photo.

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