Saturday, September 27, 2008

Khin Maung Win: a Burmese media champion

Today is the third and last day of the forum 'Media on the Move – Migrants, Minorities and the Media in (the hinterlands of) Bonn, Germany. It is organized by the Protestant Academy of the Rhineland.

Khin is one of my co-minority South East Asian in the small crowd of 40-odd participants. His small frame and gentle demeanor belies what would become of his presentation today. I had a chance to sit with him during lunch last Thursday and got an overview of his presentation. After that meal, I knew he would rock the room where we're huddled in for our daily sessions two days later. After his presentation, he got a thunderous applause and a number of shakehands.

I probably envy him of his gadgets he totes along- a MacBook Pro and the new iPhone 3G- yet his and his fellow citizen's situation, on the other hand, is not someone you would wish to your worst neighbor. He works for the Democratic Voice of Burma. He gave us a moving and passionate presentation of how their little troop of Burmese exiles harnesses the power of technology to relay the struggles of Burma to the rest of the world. His last name is what they are striving for: Win.

A couple of participants beat me to abducting him for an interview right after his presentation. I waited until the other participants gave their best wishes and bade him good-bye. My patience paid off when I got my chance to talk him into a short interview while he waited for his taxi outside the hotel.

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