Monday, September 08, 2008

Stuck in the airport

I am at the Spielsalon (playing shop) of the Köln Bonn Airport to access the internet (4 minutes left!).  I am supposed to do some interviews of passengers using the CO2 emmision compensation counter.  I searched for the eyecandy green counters when I arrived, and according to the guy behind the Information Point, the ATM-like machines are installed in the secured area of the airport.

I rushed to the telephone to call the press office of the airport who might be able to do a workaround on the security measure.  They told me to send my personal details (i.e., name, birthday, passport number) via email.  I then rushed to a computer to send them their required information, although they said they cannot guarantee the pass within the day.  I am still hoping to get that confirmation email giving me access to the secured area.

Maybe I should just conduct a different kind of interview.

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