Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out of job from the financial crisis? Be a crisis consultant

I asked my adviser what would be the recession-proof industry. I got a 'newspaper' as a reply.  With newspapers and other traditional media being an industry that has took some beating and consequently lay-offs, albeit not directly from the recession although very much economic reason, I thought it was a joke.  His argument though, was newspaper, and journalists, will have a plethora of topics to write about with the financial crisis.  You've read about financial crisis AND hunger, poverty, environment, climate change, US elections, technology, education, and ______ (fill in your favorite project).  Financial crisis and everything.

I would say one of the few recession-proof careers would be a 'crisis consultant.'  As a crisis consultant, you will be tasked to find faults in the industry of your assignment.  In the energy sector?  Too slow climate change.  In banking and finance?  Too many houses built and bought on credit.  If you don't belong to these giant companies, don't worry.  Individuals will surely be needing your services.  Tell a neighbor his garden needs a makeover.  The house needs a new layer of paint.  The new MacBook is the 'in' thing now.  Look around and you'll identify a crisis.  Now you just need to convince these people to pay for your service.

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