Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America votes... and so does Freiburg!

The main Mensa (cafeteria) in Freiburg, Germany is converted into a bar to hold big occasions like football matches. This time it was for a US Election Night Party.

A photo of Barack Obama flashes on the screen as the hosts talk to a correspondent in the US.

Organizers of the Election Night Party make final preparations before opening the bar to students.

People line up to get inside the bar

A man casts his vote for a mock election during the Election Night Party

A student watches as the 2008 US election unfold

John McCain's image flashes on the screen before the program starts

A panel consisting of a student from the US, political scientists, and a chief of a German-American organization in Freiburg analysing the 2008 US election in the Mensa

A woman hands out cheeseburgers to students. A big US hamburger food chain was one of the sponsors of the event.


Omar Acosta said...

This shows ones again the impact of the USA on Wolrd Politics, een in Freiburg this kind of events are reflecting transnational impact of this election.

Nice pictures, and good that you did not make free advertisment for this food chain...

Alex said...

Looks like a fun election party.

In Frankfurt we got coffee courtesy of a certain multinational coffee four in the morning I was too tired to check whether it was freetrade ;-)

Alex said...

yes, I am tired after election night: read fairtrade below...
Dunno if you have seen McCain's concession speech yet. It's pretty good actually.

jadz said...

same here. I got home at 2.30am. I was so tired to stay up and wait to see who actually won.

I will take a few hours of election break before I watch the speeches. I am 'over-elected' for now!