Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reporting for Deutsche Welle

The report I made for Deutsche Welle is finally online. To listen to the entire Living Planet programme, click here. To hear just my bit of report ('Counting birds with computers') in the programme, click here. I did this report until the last few hours of my internship.

One of my many learning from the internship is that one should be more appreciative of media work. A reporter puts in a lot of hours to produce one report, from looking for a news, researching, conducting the interviews, writing a script, voicing, and editing. That's not exclusive to radio, but also for a printed article, online content, or TV. Giving a feedback is one way of showing your appreciation to our work, and you can do that by leaving a comment here or sending an email to Deutsche Welle. Thanks to Irene, Cheryl, and Mark who helped me made this report 'air-able.'

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