Thursday, October 30, 2003


I was at Alabang Town Center last Friday, to finally have my first taste of gimmick this sembreak (eat your hearts out!!). I spent my first few hours in the bookstore haven known as Powerbooks. I learned only one will be able to join me that night. After 10 years, my friend Gerard finally arrived. We had an early dinner at KFC, strolled around and planned for our next destination: a bar. That was what our veins were longing for. We headed to Cable Car. I tried imitating the guy in the commercial who ordered the beer just by signaling to the waiter “C45”“ with his hand, and to my delight it worked!

After almost three bottles of beer and an hour of chit chat, alcohol started to take iot stol on me. On my way home I fell asleep inside the jeepney and almost missed where I had to get off. I arrived home just In the nick of time, and headed straight to the toilet where the inevitable happened.

I plopped on my bed and drifted to dreamland in no time.

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