Tuesday, October 17, 2006

T n' T

Terrorism (again?)

I've received a supposed "secret information" in my inbox saying the Abu Sayyaf are targetting to bom SM Megamall today, and the army is on red alert. The same advisory from the "friend of a member's brother from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)" in the "shoutbox" of Pipho was "shouted." I'm not sure if the latter is a hearsay or a reliable inside information.


TAR Update

Coalminer and wife couple from Kentucky, David and Merry, got booted out of the race last night at the India leg. Their lack of luck began when they caught the last flight out to India. I just think the roadblock weren't comparable, and it's a matter of choosing first the easier one. Good thing some teams strategized by checking out first the "rice-coloring" roadblock and giving up soon after realizing that it would take them ages to finish the task. The crocodile challenge was a lot easier, with the attendants helping to tie, carry, and untie the poor crikey. Reminds me of the late Steve Irwin.

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