Monday, October 16, 2006

To see and to be seen is not really to be believed

It's quite amazing how people gravitate to a so-called "place to see and to be seen." These are malls, bars, and clubs frequented by the rich and famous. Once inside, one would have a difficulty reconciling that the Philippines is considered a Third World/developing country (but President GMA just recently proclaimed that the country is already a "Second World" country), manifested by the enormous SUVs clogging the parking lot, Marks and Spencer bag-toting ladies and gentlemen, and the lingering scent of glitz and glamour.

One would think that it's actually these watering holes that give these people such status, and not their place in the social hierarchy that affords them such luxury. Maybe I should start hanging out more often at the Powerplant Mall and discard the thought of haggling in Quiapo.


Free MJ Concert

Screaming, crying, and fainting. Akin to The Beatles fans of the 70's, these were how Michael Jackson fans turned out all through out the grandiose concert. MJ must have sent a hundred "I Love Yous" to his fans (groupies? I doubt it) in exchange of how they manifested their support and admiration of him. I admire MJ's musical talent, but his sense of morality is another thing altogether. Many were moved to tears when he sang "Heal the World" and "Man in the Mirror," complete with hands thrown and swinging on the air in sync with the tune of the songs.

I had to cut short the wonderful performance and wasn't able to watch the encore, though, because my stop has arrived and I had to alight the bus which had video on-board.

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