Thursday, October 12, 2006

TAR Update, terrorism and 10/12

TAR Update

Boyfriends T & T were eliminated during the Vietnam leg of the race, which included grueling paddling and some teams getting disoriented in the surrounding islets scattered about.

I just realized our local UHF Studio 23 is showing TAR at an earlier time slot over cable TV network AXN on the same day.


Terrorism (?)

There were some bombings again in Mindanao yesterday according to the news report I heard last night. In the U.S., a small plane accidentally crashed to an apartment in Manhattan, ala 9/11. Authorities are ruling out terrorism as a motive after the "May Day" signals of the pilot (a New York Yankee pitcher) sent to the control tower prior to the crash and some background check on the pilot afterwards. Will we call this incident "10/12" this time? What next, 11/13? I hope not.

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