Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Except for the mute and those suffering from laryngitis, every Filipino must have uttered "Manny," our very own boxing champ, one time or another. I could bet his name was said again for about 80 million times, for the 80 million kababayans who celebrated his victory over El Terible, though this time it was much louder and sweeter.

Sports analysts have always forecasted Manny's fight to last until the eight or ninth. But it took no more than three rounds, to the surprise of everyone, and also to the dismay of those who watched the fight live telecast, for Pacman to force Eric Morales to wave the white flag through a TKO.

The country never fails to jubilate at every win of Pacman, like how we have welcomed him in his previous homecomings. It's a welcome that is fit for a king- that is, the king of the ring.

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