Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Delayed grey-tification

A grin should be seen in my face right now, the kind that lasts someone a couple of days or so after buying a new gadget (a digicam in my case, again, and yes, just after more than a month! I sold the other one, mind you.). Rather, a smirk is all I can manage for the mean time. I got a unit that has one depressed button in the control panel, and so I am forced to keep the camera in its cradle to maintain its not-so-mint condition for replacement to the shop where I got it.

I don't know if it's just me, but I am such a stickler when its comes to the condition of my electronic thingamajigs, especially if I buy them new with my hard-earned money. It is already no joke to go all the way to Quiapo, and this is aggravated by this nibbling feeling of getting conned! This perhaps is the price one has to pay for the extra thousand bucks saved from buying products in the grey market.

I'm wondering if it's all worth it? That's Php 6,000, and I think, it still is!

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