Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Catching Up

Wow, it's been a while. I can't find a valid reason for not posting in my blog lately. Anyhow, I've always kept writing again in mind and it feels good to release this repressed relief.

'Got a little writing gig going a couple of weeks back for a friend of an acquaintance, who entrusted to me her "appreciation speech" for a mini-graduation rites for finishing her culinary school. I was hoping for some home-cooked meal in return since I don't know how much to charge, but I ended up with a better deal- a treat at Heat in Shangri-La Edsa. The restaurant is a giant cornucopia. I missed counting the buffet tables/counters as I was wide-eyed and stunned every time we approached those food-churning stations consisting of Filipino fare, dimsums, dumplings, seafoods, and a lot more! The dessert station is another story altogether. There was a crepe station which I could have made my second home.


Grace, the former officemate, and I met last Thursday to tighten the project we're about to undertake. We found ourselves in Rasa, a small restaurant in the periphery of the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao. The place serves Singapore fusion food, and we decided on ordering Hainanese chicken, beef kwey teow, and sauteed fried prawns the name of which I already forgot. I still consider the Hainanese chicken of Banana Leaf and Curry House best. The beef kwey teow was pretty good. It reminded me of the stir fried pad thai but this one comes with wider noodles. The prawns was so-so, though I finished off the bits and pieces in the sauce. Besides, I can never go wrong with prawns.


On my way home last Sunday, I found some time to drop by Glorietta to nibble on some merienda with a friend who's tutoring me on the stock market. We took the road less traveled and settled at Tsoko Nut. The name of the place is homophonic to the popular, cheap and delectable nut-based chocolate called, what else but, Choc Nut! It should have inspired the name of the cafe, but this one serves authentic tsokolate (the drink). They also serve combos of the drink with Napoleones, bibingka, and other local delicaacies. We tried the Napoleones and bibingka which went perfect with the tsokolate. Tsalap!


Now, you may already have an idea what has kept me busy.

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