Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Delayed grey-tification update

As an update to my previous post here, I was able to go back to Hidalgo in Quiapo a couple of weeks ago, BUT, unfortunately wasn't able to have my digicam exchanged for a better unit at Henry's. I asked for other stocks from which I can choose, but the ones being brought out, despite having been taken fresh off the box from a replenished stock, seem to have worse problems: one with more depressed buttons and one with flash not working. With this, the one year "store-warranty" turns out to be useless.

Henry and the wife gave reasons like the depressed buttons might have been part of the innovative design (?) and that units undergo quality control and therefore I should not be worried of defects. I explained to them that due to wear and tear, the depressed button might not function in the long run and thereby loosing control on some of the functions of the camera. They said this is just natural(!), yet I told them that's what I'm trying to avoid! I found this really disappointing. After a while (an hour, actually) I was just left on my own to tinker with the units I was being shown. I felt like they were talking in tongues in their own language, especially for people who have been in the photo business for years. On the other hand, I found this as one valuable lesson in transacting with seasoned grey-market sellers.

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