Saturday, February 17, 2007

And dim sum

Almost a month it seems must have passed since I posted a sensible entry here. Again, work has crept in and inundated my time for writing. I always get that feeling of helpless agitation from thinking of actually doing something important but not able to do so. Hay buhay.

The most I can provide now is a chapeau of the goings-on in my harried life lately. I've only had ten hours of sleep the past two days, not because of work, but due to partying at a friend’s house nearby last Thursday night and all the way to Los Baños for the last hurrah of the Feb Fair 2007 yesterday. I work hard, yet party even harder. I’m glad I was able to drown myself in siesta for about five hours this afternoon, which afforded me redirect some spare energy to write this.

More power come greater responsibilities. It’s a quintessential quote I picked up from the Spiderman movie, and it has rung true lately for me. After hurdling a bureaucratically arduous promotion process, the management finally approved my (and a lot of others’) promotion. But even before which, work has been streaming in incrementally, thankfully not exponentially, since the year started. This busyness not only affects meine Hobby of Aufsätze schreiben, aber auch Fotografierin.

My Deutsh lessons, already on its session sechs, are coming on along quite pretty well, though admittedly I suck at remembering the gender of nouns. Our Lehrer even said it’s thrice as hard as the Englisch given the male-female-neutral gender classification of Nomen.

This year’s Feb Fair in UP Los Baños was marginally better than last year’s, mainly because I was able to see my college org’s booth up and alive. I really had no intention of going because of the very short notice invitation and my crazy schedule, but told myself instead I needed a break, or maybe some subtle peer pressure kicked in. Ha! My siomai cravings since last week were aptly rewarded after bingeing on Papu’s, the siomai UPLB students dearly love. I started a small chat with the diminutive guy serving the dimsum, and was delighted to find out it was Papu himself, who I expected to be a big sweaty guy in white shirt with a big tummy, and who must have eaten more siomai than anyone else in the country. Bert, Papu’s real name, is as plain looking as any sidewalk vendor, but whose bank account for sure is growing at a steady space. I’m seriously thinking of getting a Papu’s franchise as soon as he goes into one.

For now, I’ll settle to making my own siomai. Now, where did I put that bamboo steamer?

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