Sunday, April 15, 2007

Two months in two days

In two days, my blog will commemorate its second month of inactivity. I’ve been thinking lately of converting this into a photoblog, which I reckon as a more manageable way of blogging and takes off the pressure and cumbersomeness of regularly churning out sensible and coherent words. Besides, I’ve been trying my hand at photography for quite a while now. This doesn’t mean I’ll just post a photo by its lonesome. It may come with a caption or two, and tell you what the story is behind capturing the image.

For starters, I will upload a photo I shot at the entrance of the World Light Expo 2007. The approaching silhouette is that of a guard who I thought wouldn't let me take photos. I can't spare Php300 for the light feast, and good thing one of our partners in the office gave us a couple of slots to get in for free.

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