Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I've been continuously exchanging emails with my cousin who was recently here in the Philly for a visit, and I mentioned to him the food I had during the gathering at the Ambassador's place. One of which was this sour strips of a vegetable which I mistook for pasta. With that in mind, I put a generous serving of the angel-hair pasta look-alike on my plate since I didn't see any bowl of rice around which I didn't expect to arrive anyway.

I did a wikipedia search and I think it's the sauerkraut that I didn't like. At first I thought it was pasta so I put a generous amount on my plate- I usually finish my plate but I wasn't able to do so that time. It was just so lacto-acidic sour. Maybe it would taste better if a dash of sugar was added while it fermented- and then it would have tasted like our homegrown achara! :-)

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