Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I invited several of my highschool buddies to watch Wanders, a musical-cum-acrobatic show presently running at the Pagcor Building which used to house the old Duty Free shopping center. About six tickets were up for grabs courtesy of my soon-to-be ex-assistant director. After a flurry of text messages, two of my friends tentatively responded and showed their interest to watch the show.

However, Reginald and I ended up elsewhere tonight- at Starbucks in Pamplona to be precise, instead of sitting on the seats of the theater in Sucat, ParaƱaque. We met at Glorietta and decided to catch a quick dinner at KFC before heading to the venue. We braved the sea of people at the terminal in Parksquare 2 in Makati, although we realized on our way there that we were really more interested to watch The Simpsons movie after I brought up the topic.

The long que at the taxi bay and the van terminal must have been tell-tale signs to watch the famous yellow family instead of some visiting Russian acrobats and "homegrown talents" (as what my search results and teasers have described the performers). But having the resolve to try something new form of recreation, I decided to go for the latter. It took us about thirty minutes to get on our ride. The highlight of the night though was when we realized we lined up and hopped on the wrong van when it took the express route to the other end of the town of our destination. For an unknown reason or two of the unnamed dispatcher whom I asked if the van would pass by Pagcor, and who in turn nodded in agreement, we found ourselves in the middle of nowehere, well almost, at Sucat Road, and already about thirty minutes has passed into the show assuming it had started on time. We were so near yet so far. We decided to call watching the musical off after dilly-dallying for a while, mulling over our next move in that place of uncertainty.

After two bumpy tricycle rides and one trip on a jeepney, I was sipping on my green tea cooler and Regie on his mango passion slush, our bodies wasted from the not-so-joyful ride and yearning for that place of temporary respite. We could hardly peel our backs off from the comfy sofa as we chatted and consoled ourselves from the big blooper we made tonight. All the while, the most we were able to do was shake our heads in disbelief, and let out a forced grin and make fun of ourselves for tonight's mishaps.

As they say, sh*t happens.

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