Monday, July 23, 2007

My life in 27 kilograms

All of twenty-seven kilograms is what I'm allowed to carry on my flight to Germany, that's 20 kilograms for my check-in luggage and the remaining seven. That ain't really much (for me), because I think I overbought sweaters and jackets. Hey, I easily get cold, and I really have no idea how cold it could get in that part of the world, albeit Freiburg is the "warmest town in Germany," so-called.

My initial plan to bring three pairs of shoes has been reduced to two, one of which I'll be wearing. I had to take out a comforter, some more sweaters, a towel and two towelletes, and a pair of board shorts (what was I thinking?!). In the process, I also have to dump in some important reading materials and references on which my life will depend on for a good number of months (Langenscheidt's German-English/English-German dictionary). I have to put aside the idea of bringing some cans of my favorite Ligo Spanish sardines and packets of Nissin's Yakisoba for my subsistence during my first few days in Germany.

We currently have three weighing scales of different calibrations-all of which borrowed- to see which ones provide accurate measurement. One weighing scale is usually found in your favorite sari-sari store, and the two found in your bathroom. In our attempt to isolate the accurate weighing scale, we got all the more confused as the three scales gave three different weights.


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