Monday, August 13, 2007

The Black Forest

The other Sunday, I did something which I never thought I could do within the first week of my arrival here in Freiburg. It was on my mental list of "things to do in Freiburg," and it came right away so I have no option but to grab the oppportunity. No, it's not to visit a bordello or a sex shop, but to go to the Black Forest. I know we Filipinos are more familiar with the sweet and sinful one found in Goldilocks or Red Ribbon. But there is indeed a Black Forest of the kind to where you can hike or take a cable car, or even eat a cone of ice cream too!

Here is the cable car/lift line which we took on our way up to the mountain. The one-way trip costs €7. It lasted for about 20 minutes or so. Everyone was quiet for almost the entire duration of the ride, except for the time I broke the ice at the start and asked for a round of introduction. It must be our astonishment of what we were literally going through!

The pictures on this post were all taken on our hike going down. Given the leisurely pace we were going it took us about four hours to go down. We must have experienced, in one way or another, what Frodo and friends felt in the Lord of the Rings.

Be mesmerized by the rolling hills and plains...

...and the frau sitting on them!

Off the beaten track. And there you'll see...

Gigantic electric fans.

And poles and what-not. This is one of the beams supporting the viewing deck...

You know the drill... "I'm on top of the world!"

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