Sunday, August 19, 2007

Haphazard heute

I met three Pinoys today in a span of less than twelve

two at Wok-Man where I had my lunch. they invited me
two a Pinoy party 4.5 hours away from Freiburg. I ha
dto say no obviously because it was the first time I
met the, and I had no extra clothes with me and the
party would last the following day...

the third Pinoy I met is a student oin the programme
I'll be taking up starting October. We watched The
Simpsons and had a round of beer afterwards. On our
way home, she had to run to catch the tram, while I
took my own sweet time walking to the station not
knowing my ride was leaving as well. She caught her
ride while I did not. That's why I am able to send
this post.... But I have to leave now before I miss
ride again!

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