Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guten Abend!

My rather usually boring afternoons and evenings (read: studying German) turned into something different last night. I was having a chat with Johanna, my flatmate, while savoring my favorite strawberry yoghurt, when she unexpectedly invited me to hang out downtown with his boyfriend Matthias, and another friend named Manu that same night. Fearing that boredom might soon claim its first casualty, I didn't have second have second thoughts about it and said "sure."

They had their bikes and I remain to be tram-dependent, and so we agreed to make a rendezvous at Oberlinden while they cycle to the center and I hop on the S-Bahn. While on the tram, I was already mulling over suggesting to go to Augustinerplatz as I have never been there, for some odd reason. Augustinerplatz is one of the more touristy place in Freiburg, and where a lot of youg people converge at night just to have a beer or two.

It turned out that we would indeed go to Augusinterplatz! It started to drizzle as we walked to the plaza, and we decided to camp under the protection of a tree. We had Rothaus, which is supposed to be the best local beer in town. I found out Matthias used to study at the Faculty where I will be studying in starting October, and we had an engrossing conversation about what ails the Philippines, its environment, and all that development jazz. After finishing off our drinks, we transferred to a bar called Tacheles to culminate the evening with another round of beer and spaghetti bolognese.

I had my first lesson with German beer- dunkell, helles, malt, and wheat, among others. I already forgot what I had, but it was a dunkell beer that was thick and made me feel heavy enough to almost skip my next meal.

As we were walking towards Oberlinden on our way back to our dorm, we saw my tram passing by, and we had to cut short our tipsy conversation and they told me to run for it. Despite the wooziness, I was able to successfully sprint for about 100 meters and made a buzzer beater this time around.


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