Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vandalizing the Wurst

Germany is a carnivore's land. What with its wurst (sausages) of all shapes and sizes, from the cute Nuremberg wurst to the intimidating Rote Wurst. Cold, hot, smoked or not. Name it, Germany has it.

I've discovered a great way to add these meat, or whatever they're made of, into my limited culinary expertise. Cut them into small pieces and fry them before adding some minced carrots and left-over rice for your homemade yang-chao. Put aside the heap on one side of the frying pan, beat an egg (or two) and fry it on the freed-up side of the pan so it won't coagulate with the rest of the club. are stir-frying leftover food in my fridge. The wurst is basically a replacement to whatever mean you've gotten used to like Chinese chorizo, but adobo flakes are still the best.

I have a chef-friend who just encouraged me to experiment, and this is the resultant soul food. I call it the Chinese-Filipino-German fusion. Globalization, here I come!

I hope Nurembergers won't go up in arms and march down here to Freiburg against my insolence in the kitchen. This is just my way of solving my hunger pangs. It usually takes more time than cooking my version of ol' reliable pasta, against which Italians would also be in protest should they see how I desecrate one of their national dishes. But then again I am from the Philippines where spaghetti is meant to be sweet. Guten apetit!

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