Saturday, February 02, 2008

Capturing the Fastnacht in Freiburg

There has been something brewing lately in this part of Germany. I knew of it mostly by word of mouth, and have been a witness into which some Freiburgers have been transforming, like a silent wildfire slowly sweeping the city. Once I was on a tram, I saw a woman and a couple of kids wearing a colorful uniform costume that resembled half-transformed mermen. My second encounter with this oddity was on a train on the way from Hinterzarten. A band in blue, more like groups of families, got on our train and started to play some real loud music. It was the exact opposite of typically silent and stoic passengers. I just thought these were one of the cultural differences I should accept as a Filipino trying to integrate in Germany. So much with acculturation. Now all these stochastic and seemingly discorded events start to make sense as the Fastnacht comes into full swing.

The middle of winter is the perfect time to hold the event, when everyone is given a festive break against the cold and depressing weather. A chance to let their hair down and chill out (no pun intended). I'm still fortunate to be living in this part of the country which the sun god favors. This is just a preview of the big event on Monday. I will be traveling to Elzach tomorrow where the best Fastnacht in the region is said to be found.

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