Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DAAD interview

To my readers who understand German (Are there any? Please let me know!), kindly tell me if I sound smart enough in this DAAD magazine feature. Don't be fooled though by my fluent hoch deutsch on print. The interview, with Sofyan from Indonesia and my classmate Christianna from Ghana, was of course conducted in English and later translated to German. This was held at the Deutsche Welle headquarters, a few steps away from the venue of the Global Media Forum on Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention that I attended last June 2 to 4 in Bonn.

Ms. Katja Spross, our interviewer, asked us of our impressions of the forum, the role of international and national media, and the most common type of media we use.


Alex said...

I can confirm, you gave some good, insightful "smart-sounding" answers.



jadz said...


thanks for the confirmation. New media is certainly gaining ground in this age, and I am glad we are a part of it!