Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama in Berlin

This is our moment. This is our time... - Barack Obama in Berlin, 24 July 2008

It is a pity that I've never been to Berlin even after almost a year here in Germany. Even Obama beat me to it, as he delivers his speech that I will call 'Ich liebe Berlin' (und ein Berliner!). He gave his speech not as a Presidential candidate, but as a citizen of the United States and the world. I hope I will receive as much attention when I go to Berlin, and declare that I will be talking as a Filipino citizen and a Freiburg resident.

Here's a complete video of the speech, courtesy of BarackObamadotcom. Too bad he doesn't mention about the environment (hint! hint! Al Gore! ;-) ). Listen carefully as he mentions "...blogger in Iran..." about 21.50 minutes into the video. I should start my research on the power of blogs in global politics.

And Bild scoops an encounter with Barack Obama in the Ritz gym!

Opa McCain, what is under your sleeve to beat the verbal and international-political finesse of Obama?


Lety Esquer said...

it is an mazing speech.. so sad that the US is building a wall in US-Mexico border... i must say i do not know Obama´s position on this topic, i will check it out and tell you.. Thanks for sharing this video!!!

hope you are fine and found a place to sleep!!


Beste grĂ¼Be

jadz said...


I also admire Obama for his eloquent speech. As regards the US wall, it will crumble down, sooner or later, just like in Berlin where Obama gave his speech.

Dos besos,