Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another small video project: A quick walking tour of Freiburg

I did another hand at video-production using Windows Movie Maker.  The clips were taken the other day as I walked from my dormitory to Freiburg city center.  Pardon the horrible voice-over audio quality and the crackling sound that are due to equipment constraints.  The EEE PC won't play the "recorded" voice for some unknown reason.  I had no choice but to use the audio-recording function of my generic mp3 player.  The video has just to come out at one point.

While taking some some clips inside the tram, a woman interrupted me and told me I shouldn't be taking videos of other people.  I asked why, and (probably a good thing) I didn't fully understand her reply in German.  I just gave her a shrug and an annoying 'who cares?!' look.  I should have filmed our little argument.

Comments are very much appreciated.   Film duration:  3 minutes and 12 seconds.

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